11070480_923719864325135_6325794118211342312_nHello everyone!

I think this might be the first time on this blog that I consider about blogging again.

The YouTube Academy gave me great and good Knowledge about it to handle it and to incorporate it into my daily life! Pinterest inspires me all the time – all the great fulltime Momeys who easily have time to blog, search for great content, do awesome stuff , do great pics and raise a big community.

And here… I am! Searching for good content and think „ohhh I have to make a video“ or… just a post?“I just think to much instead of doing! which made me think my blog is dead! So what! I’m the only one who make the decision if blogging is dead for me or not! I made my own commitments of achieving goals so I give it a new try!

The last year I learned a lot! I searched a ton of new recipes – tried them! Stopped smoking > got fat > tried Paleo > got fatter> quit the job > got a new job > is to expanding my YouTube Community. > almost bought a small business to raise > expanded my knowledge about investing in Real Estate > expanded my knowledge in stocks … so I was kinda busy – and I wanted it all!! So… here I am! Starting from Zero – and focus on each thing which I want to achieve this year! Loosing weight with Low Carb. Give my new community my secrets of weight loss! This is my topic of the year!

I know it’s hard working all day, coming home, going to the gym or do home exercise – it all takes a lot of time! And there’s no time for the family added. So since I make low carb I totally forgot how people in general life eat! Really!! i forgot it! I know it’s the easier way to eat convenience food. It’s fast to make and it might be delicious if you don’t know healthy self cooked meals yet. I prepared some good content for you guys! How to challenge daily life with healthy meals!

I will provide you with great recipes and tips!

Enjoy your Easter Sunday

Best Chris