Today we’ll make a Giant Cupcake – it’s gluten free, sugar free and of course lowcarb.
This Recipe is divided 3 Videos,
In the next part you will learn how to make a  3 tier cupcake, marvelous peanut butter frosting and to decorate it beautiful.
Let’s do it!
First we begin with beating the egg whites – why? it gives the cake more volume. So separate the egg yolk from the whites and beat it for 5 min on middle speed.
For the brownie batter i love the coconut almond mix add baking powder and coco powder and mix everything well.
We’ll add a bit warm water to the egg yolks and mix it with the dry ingredients.
Add vanilla extract and sweetener, honey or stevia it’s up to you.
Now we are going to add the egg whites, try to divide it into three parts so you can mix it evenly- you will see the batter gets more volume and the cocoa color get more milk chocolate like. 
Now fill the batter into a giant cupcake form ( i’ll put the amazon link in the description box) and bake it on a lower heat of 160°C is 320°F 15- 20 min and check it with a thootpick it the cake is ready. This silicon form is wonderful! And my best friend just bought me that for my birthday I love it!
Let the cake cook down at least for an hour –
And then cut it into 3 pieces .Try to remove the crusty top part. 
let’s move to the next part.
Now we are going to make a marvelous delicate peanut butter frosting.
take you elliptic ctand mixer if you don’t have one a hand mixer would do it also or you can use a spoon and a bowl which is a good workout.
For this recipe I’ll take 400 gr cream cheese
and we’ll add 2 Tbs peanut butter protein whey.
I made a lot of frostigs and the regular ones with sugar have sugar … confectioner sugar holds the frosting together – you can also use sugar free vanilla jello powder but we don’t have that here in germany … jaa jaa sad face. ok and we’ll mix it well.
And we’ll add 1 Tbs delicious peanut butter. and sweetener, stevia or honey whatever you prefer. Fort the chocolate roses I’ve used the rest of the frosting and added coco powder like 3-5 tbsp it’s up to you how soft you want it.
ok let’S decorate
ok we’ll start with the first layer of the cake and add some frosting you can use a spatula or a spoon or a knife to spread. add the second layer and top it with some frosting. it’s up to you how much you want to top some people love thin layers it love lot’s of. and add the third layer. and top it with frosting. Now we top it with the piramid piece and add the frosting. Try to fill and spread it evenly it evenly Because i finished it with some swirled roses.
What a beauty
for the roses i use a wilton 2d tip! it’s really easy to make if you are interested in how to make the roses I’ll make for sure a video out of it.
My friends top it with some chocolate sprinkles i used dark chocolate.
And you’re done! You’ve made a wonderful giant cupcake. Everyone will love you for that! So don’t waist time and just do it! Let me know how you like it.
I hope you enjoyed this video because I believe in make great food videos for low carbers, people who live sugar free and gluten free. So If you want we’ll see you next time on my channel every Saturday.