Low Carb Boston Creme Cupcakes Recipe Ebook

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The mini muffins are an awesome blend of low carb flours is gluten free and non GMO, and it makes incredibly fluffy baked goods.  I’ve been waiting to make one of these! It’s a really easy recipe! Learn how to make great and healthy muffins for the whole family!



Today we got a new episode of Quick ‘n Yummy.

Learn how to make GlutenFree, Sugar Free Low Carb Boston Creme Cupcakes

– it’s a funny story 🙂 a Fan of my Fanpage asked for the Link of this video – but this was a recipe from Brainna Thomas and I love to share other talented LowCarb blogger 🙂 I love Pinterest😀 share is care – anyways – here’s my inspired Boston Creme mini muffins recipe! Enjoy it. and let me know what you think of this recipe in the comment section.

At first we’ll make the creme filling – wikipedia told me it’s a bavarian creme filling – oh I got already an old video but there’s the recipe 🙂
ok just beat 2 egg yolks over a water bath and vanilla extract, stevia/sweetener or honey it’s up to you and 100ml of heavy whip  into the egg yolks and be fast  – you’ll get a creamy thicken sauce – i’ve added some gelatin – we want a pudding consistency and let it cool down.