Low Carb Stromboli

Welcome to another great LowCarb Delight! Today we are going to make some wonderful Low Carb Stromboli. Stromboli ist basically a pizza roll. To make it gluten free and low in carbs we need a cauliflower crust! I love italian food! and I do really miss it sometimes, but this should hold me from improvise. Suddenly like turning the regular Cauliflower Pizza  into a Tarte Flambee (French Pizza) it must be possible turning this cauliflower crunch into something else – I know it’s not stretchy like regular dough but it’s one step closer to the high carb reality! Anyways enjoy this recipe! It’s really crunchy and super delicate! I even enjoyed it cold 😀


xoxo Christine

Let’s do it!


Low Carb Planner Stromboli

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