🍣 No Rice Sushi Recipe 🍣 |LowCarbPlanner

Learn how to make homemade No Rice Sushi. It’s super easy to make. It’s 100% Low Carb, Gluten Free and super healthy! 2016 is YOUR healthy year. This „No Rice Sushi Recipe“ is one of the three Low Carb Video Recipes.

1 Roll makes 6 to 8 Sushi mini rolls


🍣 No Rice Sushi Recipe 🍣 |LowCarbPlanner

  • 1 Avocado
  • 120gr 4.9OZ smoked Salmon
  • 1 pack Surimi (8 Pieces)
  • 100gr 4.5 OZ Shrimps
  • 1 Nori Sheets
  • 100gr 4.5 OZ Cottage Cheese
  1. Hi I’m Chris from the LCP and welcome my friend to my low carb special. you’ve chosen the no rice just fish sushi.
    I go here super safe. we don’t use sushi ready fish. I go with smoked salmon, precooked shrimps and surimi so we are here safe. I know some guys of you might say.. hey thats no real sushi but you can totally go with this version or just swap it into sushi ready fish. of course you’ll need avocados gosh they are so good! and nori leafs. that’s it. you can add also cucumber if you want to.

  2. ok let’s roll the rolls my friends. I use here for a wooden place mat for rolling, and place the nori leaf on top pretty next to me.
  3. start with adding the surimi, the salon i chopped it a bit so i could better spread it. you can easily go until the edges. next we go with shrimps and my favorite ingredient the avocado.
  4. ok and no let’s roll it make sure to use the edge which is next to you covers the whole food and squish it a bit together that it gets shaped in that square form. see i always recheck it if its firm enough. push and check is my motto here. for closing the sushi use here some cold water use you finger tip and spread it and then it is ready for closing. Not bad for a non sushi pro? huh? So my friend if you want to get to know my other two recipes click here for the fake rice or the spicy tuna recipe.

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