Sugar Free Berry Cake

If you are a sweet tooth and want to get to know the world of sugar free treats you are on the right spot.This cake is Low Carb, Gluten Free and Sugar Free. Today we combine the taste of vanilla and berries and make a wonderful cake out of it.

– 200gr / 2 Cups Hazelnut FLour
– Sweetener/Honey/Stevia
– 4 Eggs (separate)
– 1 TBSP BAking Powder
– 20 ml / 0.6 fl OZ warm water
– 200 gr / 7 OZ cream cheese
– 200 gr / 7 OZ yoghurt
– vanilla bean / vanilla extract
– 3 foils of gelatine
– sweetener for taste
– 100gr / 1 cup berries (frozen for garnish)

first separate the egg whites from the yolk and we need 4 eggs. take an extra cup or bowl for the yolks.
next we gonna beat the egg whites until frothy I add here a bit of sweetener you can also go with honey or stevia if you want to.
next we gonna add 200 gr / s cups of hazelnut flour i separate it in half and mix it slow
and add the other 100r you see it starts defleating but no worries i got a solution for that … And add 1 Tbsp of baking powder. and set that aside.

next we add a mini cup thats about 20ml of luke warm water and add it to the yolks. we want to give it some volume. as you can see it triples its volume.

Next we add the foamy yolk to the hazelnut mixture i don’t want that it defeats that why i go with a spatula. Add the batter mixture onto a baking sheet and bake it on 200°C for 10-15 min.

Next we add 3 geatine foils into cold water.

you need a bowl and 200r cream cheese and yoghurt add vanilla to it and some sweetener this will be the quick and dirty solution.

next remove the cold water and add the soft gelatin into the cup and add just a bit of hot water that it starts to melt.

addd the gelatine to the yoghurt and put it a side. now we cute of the edges and let the cake cool down for 15-30 mins. I remove here the baking sheet and start cutting i try to be as even as I could.
i cut it into 4 layers and just top the other parts that I have the same size.

let’s frost it.

Now we add the yoghurt take a spoon and don’t add to much just leave some space on the edges and do that with all layers.
Jah i wanted to be generous with the frosting.

ok next i take frozen berries and just cook it on high heat of a min and add gelatin to it and a bit of sweetener.

Let’s give it the last finish top the berries on the cake you see it’s steaming because i cooled the cake in the fridge. for a last finish I use here unsweetened 90% lindt chocolate.

And its ready to serve my friends
Easy right? Give this video a thumb up and Let me know what should I bake or cook for you next time write it in the comment section below..
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