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Bavarian bolognese with zucchini pasta

I’d love to present you a low carb recipe which is really delicious and pretty easy to cook. Actually he loves to cook the savory dishes, while I’m the sweet part 🙂 bahaha but really it’s true.

Do you want to know why it’s called Bavarian bolognese?

My boyfriend was before our relationship a pretty wild guy. Partied all night long and this dish was a midnight snack for friends. The regular bolognese need tomatoes, and most of  the Bavarian meals use cream.
My Boyfriend the hobby chef loves to host friends with good drinks and delicious meals, so on night he decided to cook bolognese but he ran out of tomato sauce… so he needed to change the ingredients and started to be creative…. He combined the Italian dish with Bavaria 🙂 that’s the story.

I must say @ our first party night we’d enjoyed the meal pretty much. But I think you know me now more and I love or better we love to change meals & dishes 😉

We changed the pasta into vegetables, and abdicate which is not allowed for Atkins… it was at the starting pretty hard but hey you need a creative mind and if you got a clue of low carb you’ll make it! 😉

My boyfriend decided last year to start with a low carb diet and it is really amazing how much weight he lost. I’m really really proud of him. Ok so here we go.


2 zucchini
500gr mincemeat
5-6 mushrooms
20gr Jalapenos
50gr butter
200ml water
100 ml cream


1 Peel zucchini and put it aside.
2 Roast the onion, garlic and mincemeat
3 refine with herbs, jalapenos and Pepper
4 After 8 min of roasting fill 200ml of water and 100ml of cream into
5 Let it cook for 20 min.
6 Before serving roast the peeled zucchinis in an extra pan and serve it with the bolognese and some cheese on top.

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