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FoodsTypeServing sizeNetto carbs gram
buttermilk product100g0.6
yoghurt 1,5%milk product100g7.1
semibold margarinemilk product100g4.8
Cream 10%milk product100g4
sour cream 15%milk product100g5
full cream milk 3,5%milk product100ml4.8
emmenthaler 45% fatcheese100g0.1
feta 45% fatcheese100g0.5
cream cheese 17%cheese100g3
gouda 45% fatcheese100g3
mozzarella 45% fatcheese100g1.5
parmesan (grinded)cheese100g0.1
ricotta 13%cheese100g3.8
sliced cheesecheese100g3
mold cheesecheese100g0.7
peanut butternut1 tbsp3.4
peanutnut1 tbsp1.7
hazelnutnut1 tbsp1.4
pumpkin seednut1 tbsp1.5
macadamia nutnut1 tbsp1.2
almondnut1 tbsp1.8
pecan nut (minced)nut1 tbsp1.1
pine nutnut1 tbsp1.2
pistachionut1 tbsp2.4
walnutnut1 tbsp0.9
oat flakenut100g58.7
pasta (wholemeal spelt)nut100g64.0
pancakenutØ 15cm21.8
toast (wholemeal)nut1 slice (ca. 30g)12.3
toast (wheat)nut1 slice (ca. 30g)14.3
vegetable soupsoup250ml11.2
chicken noodle soupsoup250ml9.4
beef brothsoup250ml1
tomato cream soupsoup250ml22.3
artichokeraw vegetables100g1.5
aubergineraw vegetables100g2.5
cauliflowerraw vegetables100g2.3
snap beanraw vegetables100g3.2
broccoliraw vegetables100g2.7
pearaw vegetables100g12.0
green onionraw vegetables100g8.5
carrotraw vegetables100g5.1
potatoraw vegetables100g14.8
lettuceraw vegetables100g1.1
calabashraw vegetables100g4.6
leekraw vegetables100g3.3
cornraw vegetables100g15.0
paprikaraw vegetables100g2.9
romaine lettuceraw vegetables100g1.4
cucumberraw vegetables100g1.8
celeryraw vegetables100g3.2
asparagusraw vegetables100g2.0
spinach (fresh)raw vegetables100g0.6
sweet potatoraw vegetables100g24.1
tomatoraw vegetables100g2.8
white cabbageraw vegetables100g2.8
zucchiniraw vegetables100g2.0
onionraw vegetables100g4.9
Egganimal products1 egg0.5
meat, poultry, fishanimal products100g0
calf’s liveranimal products100g4.2
salamianimal products100g2.4
calamari (non-breaded)seafood100g2.8
caesar dressingdressing1 tsp0.2
italian dressingdressing1 tsp1.5
mayonnaisedressing1 tsp0.1
olive oildressing1 tsp0.0
veg-oildressing1 tsp0.0
ranch dressingdressing1 tsp0.7
garbanzobeans and lentils100g22.5
kidney beansbeans and lentils100g19.8
lima beansbeans and lentils100g21.2
lensbeans and lentils100g19.9
beanbeans and lentils100g20.4
soya beanbeans and lentils100g9.9
pineapplefruit and fruit-juice100g13.1
applesfruit and fruit-juice100g11.4
apricotfruit and fruit-juice100g11.9
avocadofruit and fruit-juice100g0.4
bananafruit and fruit-juice100g21.4
pearfruit and fruit-juice100g12.4
strawberryfruit and fruit-juice100g5.5
figfruit and fruit-juice100g14.0
raspberryfruit and fruit-juice100g4.8
honeydew melonfruit and fruit-juice100g5.8
cherryfruit and fruit-juice100g13.3
kiwifruit and fruit-juice100g10.8
mandarinfruit and fruit-juice100g10.1
mangofruit and fruit-juice100g12.8
orangefruit and fruit-juice100g9.2
peachfruit and fruit-juice100g9.5
plumfruit and fruit-juice100g10.2
grapefruit and fruit-juice100g15.6
watermelonfruit and fruit-juice100g8.3