Chocoholic Low Carb Cupcakes Product Review

If you love cupcakes then you should watch this Video. These are sugar-free, low in carbs and super easy to make!

Hi, if you already watched some of my Videos, then you know that I love baking from scratch, I know there are days… when there is just no time to prepare a cake for your sweet tooth. I can totally hear you 🙂

So this time I tried different Products like this wonderful Cake recipe. It’s a Chocolate Cake. It’s super easy to make, super delicious and the best of it it’s much cheaper and you don’t have to get all ingredients. This happens to me many times when I want to bake, then I need Almond Flour.. and suddenly I am out of stock .. hahahh.. yahh so this is quiet a nice helper for calming my sweet tooth. The Video shows you all instructions, and in this Post I’ll explain you my opinion of the Taste, how it’s done and what I think about Mix Products.

*This Post is not Sponsored. Opinions are always expressed with honesty & sincerity, always!

Click the Video below for all instructions. 

== The Taste ==

you really taste a difference, if you ever drank Protein Shakes, then this cupcake tastes like a shake, it’s not bad or even thaaaat good, you taste that it’s a lighter, healthier version of a full fat high carb cupcake. I think if you would swap the oil with coconut oil or butter, you would have a bolder taste, you know what I mean? Coconut Oil is pretty light but has in my opinon a flavor instead of regular vegetable oil. Butter is instead of coconut oil the boldness in person. hahaha 🙂
But you really taste the difference, when something is baked with butter or oil.

The dough is pretty fluffy and rich in chocolate.

== Is it easy to make? ==

for sure! It’s just ripping off the package and just throw everything in a bowl*hahah… I can imagine myself when I am really hungry, then everything needs to be done really quick* mix it and bake it – et voila!

== In a nutshell==

let me make for you pros and cons. hope you like it. I would say, this Mix Product is definetly super fast to make, but in taste …. it needs a bit more adjustments like a sugar free frosting or nuts etc. I can definitely recommend this product. 

== baking from scratch ==

  • I know what Ingredients are in
  • takes time & patience
  • I need to buy all ingredients, so if I forget butter or any other Ingredients I need to go back to the store
  • sometimes cupcakes can deflate


== Product Mixes ==

  • it goes super fast
  • you only need a few ingredients instead of baking from scratch
  • they always turn perfectly
  • you can change the taste by other ingredients like nuts or creams
  • If I am not really in a mood for baking but have to because a Friends birthday is coming up, then this is the best helper

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