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2016 will be a great year! This time we will start with something great. I call it The Chocolate Caramel Hazelnut Bomb. Toasted nuts combined with a delicious sugar free chocolate cream sealed with cracking chocolate coating! If you are a friend of  healthy baking treats the keep watching this video and make sure to watch it until the end 

ok let’s do it! Add all ingredients into you bowl or stand mixer.- We start with adding ground hazelnut.- a pack of baking soda its – some sweetener for taste-  2 eegs- and butter and mix it all together until fully incorporated.Now comes the dutch process, if I don’t have any unsweetened chocolates in the house like here we are by the way in the vacations house for skiing. anyways I use here cocoa and hot water. its more a thicker sauce use 3 tbsp of cocoa and 5 Tbsp of hot water and mix it well together and add this well smelling cream into your batter. Now fill up the muffin cups and bake the sweeties of 20 min on 170°c 338°C in the US and check it with a toothpick. While baking enjoy the snowy view out of the kitchen window! It’s just snow and wood but I truly enjoy it! Where did you spent you christmasholidays? Let me know in the comment section.ok let’s make the cream!  we need cream cheese,liquid sweetener, you can also go with honey or stevia.add cocoa powderand unsweetened caramel i use here walden farms, it has a bold and creamy caramel taste which totally rounds it up! And get into piping. I had no piping bag so I made one out of baking paper, if you need a tutorial how to click here. Now we gonna melt some chocolate This house is so lively rustic! I love this Pan! Its totally cute! do you like rustic stuff? Or are you more plain and clean?  add some unsweetened chocolate I go here with Lindt chocolate 90%and I use here the oven which warms up the whole house so this just takes a few mins. I love this vacation house! I enjoy the fresh air, the people, and the food! It is possible to live low carb also when you are on vacation. ok ok let’s give it a last finish! use a spoon and top you lovely melted chocolate on top of the cream! Believe me guys this step makes the difference! You got on the outside the cracking chocolate after its completely hardened outside or in you fridge. Then comes the creamy chocolate Caramel Cream and the toasty nut! Together ist my Chocolate Hazelnut Bomb! Like I said! ;)Ok If you like this video pls give it a thumb up and let me know what I should bake for you next! You get the recipe in the description box below or go to low carb to the blog or subscribe to the newsletter and get it on monday direct in you inbox.  See you next saturday same time same place. Thank you for watching.

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