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Coconut Chicken Soup


My decision between chicken soup or red thai curry when I got a cold would be a spicy red thai curry. But here we go clap your hands together and combine it ­čśë My Coconut chicken soup isn’t a thick soup as you can see it’s more like a coconut broth ­čÖé and I do really love broth – ┬áI could drink it all day long ­čÖé but back to basic. The great thing is when you enjoy chicken soup there’s a anti-inflammatory effect. I love to roast the chicken before and add it while serving. I love the roasty taste. I cooked a lot of recipes with coconut but I think you should be canny – ┬áI think the taste is pretty sweet so my tip would be add a little bit spicy china sauce ­čÖé And here we go – an enjoyable chicken soup


  • 500ml broth
  • 250gr chicken filet
  • 5 – 10 tbsp coconutmilk
  • 3 tsp spicy sauce (tabasco etc)
  • onions


  1. cook the broth
  2. add the coconutmilk
  3. fry the chicken / you can cook it in the broth
  4. now add the spicy sauce ( taste it before adding more ­čśë )
  5. serve

I really hope you liked my new recipe.


cheers Chris