Filled Ham Roll | Low Carb Recipes (Breakfast)

Oh boy what would be my boyfriend without Hamrolls? Maybe hungry in the early morning 😀 Phase 1 was pretty hard for him..for me either but he loves breakfast. And he was disappointed cause he had no quick breakfast. Do you have in the morning a lot of time to enjoy a big breakfast?

🙁 .. yah I felt sorry for him. I know it’s easy to go to the bakery and get sandwich or a pretzel..whatever – you need to grind your cottage cheese if you want to achieve your goals so you need to stay strong! I know everything starts with the right mindset.

Anyways when you are hungry you get creative- This is a great low carb, super fast, gluten free breakfast!  well enjoy this  5 second recipe 🙂ham_Roll2

  1. take some ham and place some cheese on top and roll it – done

either you can fill it with some cream cheese if you want to or if you got some more time fry the rolls in the pan! Use a toothpick that it will be in shape and then fry it until the ham is crunchy! You don’t think that’s enough? Oh believe me if you eat 2-3 rolls you’ll be full.  Don’t forget you can eat as much as you want! Ham & cheese has under 1 carb!

Enjoy Folks!