Yah like I said LowCarb makes you creative. I just stood in the kitchen and though what shall I enjoy today? I had a look in my fridge and there was this yummie Serrano – Oh yes, I love Serrano 🙂  I enjoy Anti Pasti in thousand ways! mhhhhhh yummie! But this was my first try so I really have to post about this recipe because it’s awesome! It’s a light meal and you won’t fall asleep like I do when I eat to much.. bahahaha.
So here we go i peeled a cucumber and started grilling it. I remember I had a some grilled cucumber stripes in a restaurant and it was awesome. If you gill it it loses the origin taste, it’s hard to describe how it tastes but it’s worth! Then use some sel de mer and other spices and wrap it with the Serrano.
Now comes the best part we Filipinos love to drizzle some calamansi or lemon juice over savory dishes 🙂 At least I peeled some Feta cheese on top – and we’re done! Italian and Spanish people love to drizzle also some olive oil to refine. I hope you’d enjoyed.


1 cucumber
1 pck Serrano
3-4 tbsp Olive oil
Salt&pepper and other spices
1/2 lemon/calamansi
20gr Feta cheese

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