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SUGAR FREE EGGNOG: I never realized how easy it is to make yourself and not store buy! This Eggnog recipe is low carb, sugar free and gluten free! It’s perfect for all who want to stay fit during the holidays This Recipe is for 4-8 People


  • – 5 Eggs fresh eggs
  • – 500 ml / 16.7 fl OZ
  • – Sugar Substitute / Honey / Stevia whatever you prefer.
  • – 2 shots of Rum ( 40ml / 1.3 fl OZ)


you’ll nee 2 cups for the one for the egg whites and one for the egg yolks and 1 bowl for the heavy cream, 5 eggs , 500 ml heavy whip, rum, and a electric hand mixer – if you want a great arm workout then go with a wire whisk. First separate the egg whites from the yolks, because we give this egg nog great volume, add a good squeeze of sweetener (1/4 Tsp) and beat it until foamy. you’ll see it doubles its volume. and beat the egg whites. and mix the egg whites and yolks together. now take a bigger bowl and add the heavy cream, some sweetener and vanilla, I use here a vanilla grinder but you can go with fluid extract or artificial ones whatever you like as long it is low carb. 😀 Next we add 1/4 Tsp of xanthan gum its a gluten free all purpose thickener. You can use it for ice cream cookies etc. I use it here for the eggnog, to give it the perfect consistency . Now combine the egg mixture to the cream and mix it with a spatula until incorporated. Now add 2 shot’s of your preferred rum into you creamy egg nog. I’ve made one with more alcohol but this is the perfect amount for me not too much 😀. For filling it up into a bottle i use here a piping bag and a tip. If you want to serve it instant add it into a punch bowl and let it chill – and et voila happy holidays my friends! If you want to see more of those healthydfied videos let me know in the comment section below and pls Give this video a thumb up.

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