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Goosh! what a great Dish! I really missed Lasagne.

And those are small moisty creamy healthy super skinny rolls! It’s just so yumm! I really can recommend it! I don’t know if you had those times where people say come on just don’t do Low carb today … and yeah! I did that a lot of times. And this year I am not breaking any rules. You I decided to live this way cause of living a healthier way. And I must say I live much healthier! I quit smoking  and feel awesome! I don’t smell anymore. And after some time i found the fun in healthy food! So besides all the bla bla let’s come to the delicious recipe!

Its LowCarb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and  Paleo Friendly.

You only need Zucchinis, minced meat, herbs cheese cottage cheese and eggs – thats it!

Watch the video for the full instruction pls.

I also got a printable here for you

click here

Have a great day! xoxo Christine


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