Leberkaas meets Avocado

Leberk├Ąse is a type of meat in Bavaria/Austria. And it’s yummie!
But the typical way to enjoy it, is in a Bun and some mustard.
But Buns aren’t low carb Phase 1&2 ­čśë so you’ll need to get creative.

I stood in the kitchen hungry as always and tried to experiments. I love Avocados and… could I compare them? Let’s try! While mashing the Avocados I thought about giving them a new taste, how about some lemon juice and a bit of balsamic vinegar? The cream gets a bit of a fresh sourness you can spice it up with some chillies or some herbs. But I prefer it that way ­čÖé

100 gr Leberk├Ąse
1 Avocado
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 half Lemon

1 fry the meat until it’s roasted
2 mash the avocado and mix all other ingredients
3 coat the avocado cream and layer the meat
4 enjoy!

hope you’d enjoyed my new low carb recipe.

cheers chris