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Leek-Cheese-Meat Soup aka Cheeseburger Soup

meal prepp leek-cheese-meat soup

Leek-Cheese-Meat Soup aka Cheeseburger Soup

Gericht Dinner
Land & Region Meal Prep


  • 1 Leek
  • 150gr minced meat
  • 150gr yogurt
  • Knorr Mix
  • water for the mix
  • broccoli & fresh cut lettuce


  • cut leek I use here from slicer from genius which is the nice dicer, hahah since I got this I hate cutting
  • next add gold olive oil and add minced meat and fry it
  • I separate the meat beach the other half of this meat is for the chili so I add it in the crock pot
  • add leek
  • add water
  • and the mix you can fully go with another mix, I just start with mela prep so these packs are a good help for me
  • let it simmer and add a cup of yoghurt
  • and add it to your container
  • et voila for the sides I added broccoli and some fresh cut salad without dressing or salt, i add this fresh