🔥🍹Low Carb Cocktails🍹🔥 | Pina Colada, 🍸Berry Mojito & Tiffany & Co Drink


These low carb cocktails are the perfect accompaniment to your celebrations. Perfectly sweet and refreshing with no added sugar. A perfect alcoholic cocktail for the summer.

// Sugar Free Pina Colada

// Tiffany & Co Drink

//Berry Mojito

I love cocktails especially because they look great and I love to enjoy the fruity decoration. So my friends enjoy these three recipes let me know in the comment section below what do you think of these recipes & what would you love to see more of. Let’s do this. First of we start with the berry mojito. – first add some Ice in your glasses. – next add a bit of liquid sweetener – add some slices of limes and squish them – add strawberries and actually blueberries – add 2 shots of white rum – and fill the rest up with some soda – have a spoon for mixing and a bit of squishing. – and you are ready to serve No 2 is my sugar free Pina Colada – we need a blender and Ice cubes i choose 12 because I made 2 drinks – next we add 3/4 of unsweetened coconut milk – blend it – add 2 shots of rum – and unsweetened pineapple juice – blend it and serve it. – garnish it with some fruits and you are ready to go! No3 is my tiffany drink – we need ice cubes – we add sugar free boys blue if you don’t have that take vodka and blue food color. – add 1/4 of the unsweetened coconut milk – add SF pineapple juice don’t forget the straw and it’s ready to enjoy

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