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It’s one of the greatest cookie recipes I’ve ever had! This recipe is great for Low Carb Lovers, Sugar Free addicties and Gluten Free Friends. It’s easy to make just follow the video instructions! Thank you for watching and please subscribe! This is Part 1. You will easily learn how to prepare and bake the cookie bowls! Part 2 will be the panna cotta filling. Have fun!


– 300gr / 1 1/2cups Hazenut Flour/ Almond Flour
– 1 Egg
– liquid sweetener, stevia, honey
– 2 tsp baking powder
– 30 gr/ 1 OZ unsweetened chocolate
– 50gr 1.5Oz coconut oil/butter

== Instructions ==
you’ll nee 300r of hazelnut flour . you can also go with almonds
I started with adding it on at the time. add 2 tsp of baking powder and 30 gr of unsweetened chocolate I used here 90% Lindt Chocolate and add a bit a good squeeze sweetener, honey or stevia if you want to.
Start melting 50 gr of coconut butter- you can also go with butter but coconut butter has a lighter taste in my opinion.

Add the oil to the dry ingredients. I add always a bit of the 300r hazelnut flour to get the perfect dough. it shouldn’t be to fluid. take a muffin pan and start filling the dough and fold a mold. I use my fingers. I use a spoon to even the edges. let’s bake the cookie bowls on a lower heat 150°C which is in the US 300°F for 10- 15 min and let them cool completely down – i’ve waited like 3-4h or prepare them on the next day.

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