Low Carb Peanutbutter Bites

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEfU-TMPq10Are you a Fan of Peanutbutter? Do you love Reeses? So do I!I am a proud Low Carb Girl and there are no boundaries for me turning high carb foods into wonderful sugar free, low carb and gluten free foods! Yes I made for me a commitment of loosing weight and show the world that it’s possible to live sugar free! So today we ‚re going to make some awesome low carb reeses! Ok I actually made this video around easter and I got totally inspired by my colleagues- they had a pack of mini reeses gosh I love reeses! I do really love them – but the regular ones have so many carbs 🙁 but guess what – I turned this recipe into low carb!  So folks! What’ll you’ll need is: 200gr 90% dark chocolate150gr peanut butter10 gr buttercookie cutter 

  1. ok use a bowl and melt peanut butter and butter over a water bath until it’s smooth
  2. spread now the paste on a baking sheet and put it into a freezer for about one hour
  3. after 45 min you can start already to melt the chocolate and let it cool down
  4. get the peanutbutter out of the freezer and start to cut out the eggs
  5. use two forks and dip one egg and cover it
  6. enjoy!

I got a great special for you.

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