Low Carb Pharisäer Torte


This Cake Recipe is sugar-free, has a gluten free and low carb crust and is the perfect WEEKEND treat for the whole family.

This Cake meets, chocolate, heavy cream and a kickass rum taste. This Low-Carb German Pharisäer Torte is my new Cake recipe for you. You know this is one of those recipes which I find on Pinterest – and just think „gosh… I definitely have to make that.“ And here we are. It’s an easy and great recipe. you don’t need much ingredients. The crust is a great almond flour with cocoa powder combo plus I add here coconut butter instead of regular butter. Since I’ve discovered coco butter… I got it always in stock 😀

The Ice-Cream is more of a frozen peanut butter yoghurt. But it’s still light and kick ass recipe. I soooo love making sweet things, since they are sugar-free it still keeps my sweet tooth happy. I hope you enjoy this recipe, so please leave me a comment below if you have any suggestions for me.

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