Low Carb & Sugar Free Almondy Hazelnut Cake


Do you know the Almondy Cakes? Then you will love this recipe! toasted nuts combined with the creamiest fluffiest ganache! Sugar-Free, Low-Carb and Gluten-Free. It’s creamy, it’s so delicious and super easy to make!
“ I had once the chance to try these Almondy Cakes, super yummy, crunchy nuts covered in with chocolate. I just thought.. mhhh this is super easy to turn it into LOW CARB! And Bäääm! Here we go! I hope you enjoy this recipe! Watch the video for the full instructions, below I’ve added the printable recipe!
It’s End of Summer and I love making Cakes, since we are in a hard portion control, I want to add a sweet joy in our lives. So baking on weekends for Friends & the family or just for us 🙂 is totally fine. And I definitely will make the other Almondy cakes! Like the lemon cheesecake looks so gorgeous!

Enjoy! XOXO Chris

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