Hi I'm Christine from the LowCarbPlanner!

Hi, I’m Christine from the LowCarbPlanner!
I adore great Food and always open to new Food Journeys.
I am half Filipina half German – I grew up multilingual, sadly not Tagalog(Philippine language) so it’s German/English.
2010 I recognized that my tummy is reacting kinda strange to some foods. Maybe I need to explain my earlier lifestyle. I ate a lot of fast food and was kind of a chubby happy kid.
I enjoyed lots of high carb treats – so I hadn’t had that healthy Life I am living now.
The doctor found out that I am allergic to gluten and I have to cut all gluten products immediately out of my life.
In the first moments it was really hard – Especially when I went to the grocery store in Germany – 1000 of great products I loved, cereals, bread, pizza, pasta are now forbidden for me.
I was shocked by how small my possibilities were from now on.
Do I have to starve???? For sure not!

us in 2012 (left) & 2014 (right)


I tried some gluten-free products but wasn’t happy with the taste, consistency, and price. I know times changed and I should be grateful that there are products for food allergies.
Maybe I wasn’t ready for that big change but I had quickly to accept it that I have to change my food lifestyle.
After 1000 hours of experimenting in the kitchen, searching on the web for great food alternatives and suddenly I discovered the Ketogenic diet. We totally started cutting carbs and were really successful in losing weight (over 20kg)
Don’t think there were no ups and downs…

great weightloss changes in 2013 (6 Months of Low Carb)



So why the LowCarbPlanner? My now Husband and I went in 2013 to Side, a beautiful place in Turkey – I was totally relaxed and my mind was pretty clear. I asked myself while looking to the ocean “you should do something great” – ” I have to create a place where I can share my experience with likeminded people”. I love keto and we made great experiences with our weight-loss journey. That’s why I decided to make videos and share my recipes with you.

low carb planner Turkey Side


I truly believe in showing Full-time Moms, busy Women, and Men out there that improving step by step their food lifestyle to lead a healthier life isn’t hard and yucky. I also believe in a faster & healthier way to show people to lose weight & keep their goal weight.


The LowCarbPlanner offers free and weekly Food Shows on YouTube, a great and big Food Recipe Gallery on the Platform, and now I am currently working for you on Weight loss Kit.
It means a lot to me if you leave some comments or even just say hi!
cheers Chris