LowCarb Tacos | GlutenFree, Low Carb, Paleo Friendly


Gosh! I love Tacos and after a big research I found not much recipes in the world wide web – Pinterest is really my first place to be which gives me a lot of inspiration even if it’s not low carb or gluten free! 

Ok one day I really was hungry for pancakes so I just made some, whisked eggs, protein powder and and and – but if you use protein powder and do not do sports you gain weight – really quick.. 🙁 so one time I just used whisked eggs and fried them thinly like crêpes and et voila we got the Tortilla or a pancake  😀 

For this recipe you can choose between lettuce or the eggy tortilla or just eat both 😀 I must say I love the lettuce variant cause it’s fresh and instantly done 😀 no bake time 😉

So my dearest friends for the instructions please watch this video.

I hope you enjoyed it. 

Have a yummy day.

xoxo Christine



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