French Onion soup


The French onion soup is a cheap clean soup which I really adore. It is pretty easy to make.  ­čśë  Some soups take pretty long and I’m kinda impatient. Another great thing is you just only need onions water and broth – ok and some cheese for the topping. But that’s it! I know onions have a sharp taste but you’ll fry the first with some butter or oil so they’ll get caramelized add the broth and steam it for 10-15min. I love it when the onions are so mellow and melt on your tongue. Ok here we go.


Ingredients (makes 2 dishes)

  • 4 big onions
  • 500ml broth
  • 2 Tblsp shredded cheese (for topping)


  1. fry the onions until glassy
  2. add the broth
  3. cook it for 10-15 min (try to add some salt or pepper)
  4. serve and add the cheese

et voila!