Low Carb Phase 1

Phase 1 will take 14 days where you can enjoy between three to six meals a day. I personally enjoy 3 meals like I would do in general.

In this first phase you’ll eat a maximum of 20 gr carbs a day.

In the first week – where your body doesn’t get as many carbs as before – your body will fall into a state called Ketose.

Your body will burn fat to get energy that it usually would get from carbs.
And burning fat without doing any sports or beeing hungry is great right? 🙂

But to adjust your body to get into ketose it could be that you get a headache or diaria this happens in the first 7 days until your body is fully adjusted.

On the other side you will have a lot more energy. So if its hard for you to do without bread, pasta or other carbs – keep on doing!  Don’t lose your target of loosing weight or living healthier. Believe me, if you stay on track you will see the first results pretty soon.

Dont worry about what you can eat. I got a chart on my website which contains a lot of good incredients and some sweet and savary recepies just for you.

Your Mealplan for the Week