Low Carb Phase 2

Welcome to Low-Carb Phase 2 the ongoing weight loss.

The duration of phase 2 takes serval weeks, its up to you.

The plan is to increase your carbs to 5gr per week. But guess what you keep on loosing weight – just a bit more slowly. For example week 1 of phase2 your amount would be 25 gr per day. For week 2 it would be 30gr.

If you reach a point where your body deonst loose weight anymore you know the exact amount of carbs that you can eat per day and still low weight.

So in short hte goal of phase 2 is to find the maximum amount of carbs to eat and still losing weight.

Make a review to check your limit.

You’ll find a chart for phase 2 on my website, and also some recipes plus a weekly food plan.

You will find all links down below.

Your Mealplan for the Week