Pulled Pork

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCr8tQwc-UoHi I’m Christine from the LowCarbPlanner and welcome to another great Episode of Quick ’n Yummy. hmm more of easy and yummy 😀 But today we have a special recipe – fathers day is coming up in the US – and this is a simple and delicate recipe! Before we start pls wait until the end I got a surprise for you!Ok Let’s do it! You got two ways to prepare the pulled pork – in the oven on a lower heat like 100° Celsius is about 212° Degrees Fahrenheit OR a slowcooker its the easier and my preferred way to prepare pulled pork…. yes… I got one and it saves a ton of time!!To get the meat to the perfect condition we have to slowly heat up the meat to about 90 celsius or about 200 Degrees Fahrenheit. This is much easier in the slowcooker.Also you can easily prepare food for one week! Especially for work or school.It’s our new lifesaver! It’s easy to handle not much buttons to click or …. let’s just say it’s perfect for me 😀 7 tblsp Paprika powderPeppersea salt1 Tsp caraway1 Tsp dijon mustard (thats a real bad ass spicy mustard)2 onions1 garlic clove4 Tblsp olive oil500 gr pork4 Tblsp apple vinegar One trick I just learned from Jamie my hero 🙂 to open the real intense flavor of the spices is to lightly roast it… we’ll do that … let it pls cool down … ok we just rubb the dry herbs into the meat. the original meat contains brown sugar -but ours is sugarfree so we use some apple vinegar for the sweetnessadd the mustard… be careful is a real bad ass french mustard –  it burns like wasaaabi.I don’t know why I am doing this … i know its spicy and it brings me everytime tears in my eyes while eating this mustard… i just love it… ok put the meat into the slowcooker and top the onions, and garlic cloves – and just top some olive oli now my friends comes the hardest part – set the cooker on high and set a timer for 4h … meanwhile you can just relaxe and enjoy life like watching my other videos 😀 or say hello on snapchat…look though my food library on Pinterest.. yeah there are a lot great things you can do while your meat is cooking. You don’t even to take care about it – but never leave your home while it’s cooking. Safety first!  Ok after 4 h comes the fun part take two forks and pull.. yeah pull the pork and dip it into the juices.. Serve this sweet delicious holyness in a lightly butter fried low carb bun.! I hope you liked our new healthy recipe – say Hi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and PinterestThank you for watching see you next time