Best Low Carb Breakfast Recipe – Rolled Bacon Eggs


Rolled Bacon Eggs

If you do low carb you sometimes need to get creative, otherwise you’ll end up eating the same dishes every day.
I got pretty soon fed up with eating salami sticks between lunch and dinner but I really felt an urge to eat eggs, don’t know why. So I stood in the kitchen and thought about how I could upgrade these rather boring eggs… then it struck me: Bacon! Easy as that!
Yes, they are often seen together on the breakfast table but I don’t really care. I think it’s a nice appetizer which looks great, is tasty and … crunchy! Let’s call it a crunchy delight 🙂
There’s even another plus: if you prepare them at home you can take them to work and enjoy them there. (We don’t have an oven at work so I’ll need to prepare my food for lunch at home, which is quite okay, because I really love to cook 😉 !)

The rolled bacon eggs are very easy to make, so there’s no real recipe. Just cook the eggs,  peel them, cut them in halves, and roll the bacon around them. Then just fry it in a pan for a few minutes. You can also put some mustard or mayo on top of the egg, or Feta, as I did on the photos!

Enjoy! And leave me a message if you tried them at home!


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