Sexy Granola – Low Carb & Sugar Free

If you are a Fan of Granola, then you will love this wonderful Sugar-Free Treat. I call it sexy Granola, it’s my healthified version, it’s Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and Low in Carbs. Definitely a must-try recipe.

I got inspired by my college, he enjoys this every morning in the office … yaaaz… so I think yeah I can do this too. this yummy granola is a 3 layer explosion. First layer is a fancy & sugar-free raspberry jam, then we got the cream, on top lovely toasted cinnamon nuts. This recipe is kickass.

As a Freelance UX Designer I get so much inspiration from my Clients. Since our focus is on Portion Control, I see new good recipes which I can easily turn into Low Carb. My mission is to turn high carb foods into Low Carb, to show you living healthy isn’t hard. The regular Granola contains honey, oat flakes and Nuts. So this sugar-free granola is just made of toasted nuts, refined with cinnamon. The great thing here is, it also tastes fantastic with cinnamon, if you toast the nuts, the nuts loose oil and have a wonderful nutty flavor. Be sure to have a look on the oven, cause I burned these nuts a few times 🙂

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