Skinny Quiche | LowCarbPlanner

Skinny Quiche | LowCarbPlanner

today we’ll make a french quiche – but this quiche is a skinny ones – it’s lowcarb ,SF and GF, i think this recipes is like a savory cheesecake – the last quiche i’ve made was a regular ones with a ton of carbs and it was like a decade ago – anyways you will love this recipe! This quiche has a great texture in the crust and the filling is super easy to make its a perfect snack for bringing it to work or enjoying it on a gameday with friends.

Let’s do it!

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  • 200gr 7 OZ almond flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 100gr 3.5 OZ of melted butter


  • 300gr cream cheese
  • herbs & garlic
  • 1 egg
  • 200gr bacon
  1. 1 First we start with the crust. its a shortcrust – but we use here gluten free products. add 200gr of ground almonds, you can go here also with coconut or hazelnut flour.
  2. – add 2 eggs and combine well

    – and add 100r of melted butter – the butter hardens the crust

  3. – line a foil and add the batter onto it and shape it a bit into a ball and it g goes for at least an hour into the fridge i left it here for 30min which is not enough – cause i love thin crust you will see why
    – next is the filling – cut one into into chunks, they don’t have to be thinly cute because we gonna fry them
    – lets fry some great bacon chunks you don’t need here any oil or salt
    – add the onions and let it fry on medium heat for 8-10 mins until golden
    – next use a high cup and add 300r of cream cheese i use here herbs & garlic and add a egg and stir well.
    – now we add the wonderful yumminess into the cream cheese mixture and combine it well and set it aside.
    – after 1h we use a smaller round baking pan 19cm it’s a really small ones but perfect for 2-4 people – the cake is really rich in flavor.
    – ok get the dough its already harden but i really suggest to leave it at least 1h, i couldn’t spread it easy – you’ll see its almost the same video but sweet, its the same tecniqu
    – let’s prep bake the cake – actually you can blind bake this crust but i don’t want it – prebkae for 10min on 200°C 400°F

  4. – wupp its a bit greasy but you can also use coconut butter if you want to but i wanted buuuuterrr… add the filling and top it with cheese and bake it on 160°C 320°F for 20-30 min check it that it won’t burn. we want everything melted.
    – I personally love to leave cooling over night cause I love cold pizza, if you are a hot ones you for surely serve it hot. but i love it when the crust ist fully harden outside a great crunchy texture and inside creamy bacon
  5. a wonderful piece of cake. I hope you enjoyed this video – give it a thumb up and share this recipe with a good friend I really appreciate it. see you next saturday same time same place

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