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Welcome to my a new recipe!

Today we are going to make a yummy low carb strawberry cakeeee! It’s spring …. and it’s time for a fresh and berry spring cake!

Ok let’s begin!

Seperate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Did you know that this preparation ist the same recipe for a sponge cake? Ok! Beat the egg whites

And beat the egg yolks in an extra bowl –and add 2 tbsp hot water- not boiling water.

You’ll see the egg yolk tripples it’s volume which makes the batter really rich and melty on your tounge.

Add the egg yolk foam onto the egg whites with a spatula! Add some sugar substitute. Now we are going to add 100gr almond flour –which seem pretty less instead oft he egg mixture – but dont worry!add some baking powder and vanilla extract and mix it all together. Spread the batter onto you bakking pan and bake the dough for 10-15 min on 180°C I’ll put the US recipe below for dowload.

After 10min you got a foamy spongy vanilla cake! Let it cool down.

Ok! Let’s do the frosting! Take 200ml of heavy whipped cream and beat it until creamy 😀 vut 2 strawberries and add them tot he creamy mixture. add sugar substitute and vanilla extract. cut down the cake into 4 pieces.

I use an old chcolate paper for a modling plattform . add the frosting and add layer for layer. Try to shape sharpe edges and add strwberries for decorating the cake.

Yes! That’s yummy! Share it with your family and friends! Belive me they will love it – besides loving it I hope you loved our new recipe so say thank you by subscribing or watch more videos – or let’s get friends on Facebook. Twitter or google plus! Send me a pic on Intsagram.

Thank you.

Take Care Chris

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