Sugar Free Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Fudgesicles. to a summer yummy yummy recipe! Of course you can always enjoy sugar free Ice cream! It’s low carb its gluten free and sugar free! Today we’ll make my favorite recipe „Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Fudgesicles. I made two version one Frozen yoghurt shake and to enjoy immediately and for few days later I prepared some fudgesicles. Blueberries are low in sugar and super sweet and the best of it you don’t need to add any sugar! For this recipe I used the Kitchen aid Ice cream maker! It’s a super great tool your ice cream will be finish in 20 min! You can also use an ice machine if you want to. Ok bump it for 15 h into the freezer and add the attachment. We’ll add 300gr of full fat greek yoghurt and add 300r of the blueberries and let it swirl for 20 min. You can add some sugar subsitute just only a good squeeze or add a tsp honey or stevia. it’s Up to you. But this time i tried the blueberries and they we’re sweet so wee need no sweetness . I love fudgesicles thats why we add the soft ice into a ice form i made five of them and the rest we’ll enjoy now! add some fresh blueberries on top for garnish and add a straw and a spoon! Happy Nom nom my friends!! I hope you liked my low carb recipe. Hope to see you soon again, let’s get friends on Periscope(lowcarbplanner), Facebook or Instagram. See you next time!

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