Boston Creme Cupcake {Low Carb,Gluten Free, Sugar Free } I’m Christine from the LCPWe make Boston Creme  Cupcakes – it’s a funny story 🙂 a Fan of my Fanpage asked for the Link of this video – but this was a recipe from Brainna Thomas and I love to share other talented LowCarb blogger 🙂
I love Pinterest 😀 share is care – anyways – here’s my inspired Boston Creme mini muffins recipe! Enjoy it. and let me know what you think of this recipe in the comment section. And pls wait util the End I got a suprise for you! Let’s do it 🙂 At first we’ll make the creme filling – wikipedia told me it’s a bavarian creme filling – oh I got already an old video but there’s the recipe 🙂 ok just beat 2 egg yolks over a water bath and vanilla extract, stevia/sweetener or honey it’s up to you and 100ml of heavy whip  into the egg yolks and be fast  – you’ll get a creamy thicken sauce – i’ve added some gelatin – we want a pudding consistency and let it cool down. while cooling we take 200r of almond flour or if you want to hazelnut they have a lower amount of carbs – add 1 tblsp of baking powder and a pinch of salt. I’ve added a bit of vanilla with my vanilla bean grinder. beat the two egg whites (you already used other 2 egg yolks for the bavarian creme ) and beat it until soft peaks. and combine it with the dry ingredients and combine it well. you don’t have to beat the egg whites- but it makes the muffins spongy and softer. and fill up you muffin cups. I like them they are so great and still stick to their shape even if you overfill it 😀 and bake them on a lower heat 150°C for 15min. ok here’s a great trick I learned from a chef 🙂 when you add to your cold bavarian creme  some cream cheese like two table spoons it give the whole cream a bit of a whip or a fluff – it’s lighter.  cool it for 1 h in the fridge and put it later into a piping bag and pipe! we got this consistency from the gelatin – if you want it smoother then just leave it away. but that doesn’t change that glory vanilla taste of yumm! And now decorate! smooSsh it down with a spoon and add a ganache on top. If you want to know how to make a ganache – please head over to my tastemades colleague „the australian cupcake queen“ my cupcake addiction- she has a great video where she explains 3 ways of ganache.   and top it with the ganache umm umm umm!And it’s ready to serve. I hope you liked our new video. say hello on Facebook, twitter, google+ Pinterest and Instagram and here comes my question!what is you favorite cupcake but not lowcarb ? I’ll turn it into.write the answer on the comment section below. See you next time!

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