Low Carb Pizza 2 Recipes


There are many ways to serve a low carb pizza.

Today we’ll take tuna crust! I have been wanting to try making a pizza with a tuna crust ever since I came across the idea on Pinterest. When we launched our website I baked 1 lowcarb pizza and one regular pizza for my friends.. guess which one they really loved I mean what’s not to like about a tuna crust for a pizza? I actually got a chance to try a tuna crust a couple of months ago but I ran into a problem, the crust stuck so badly to the parchment paper that I could’t get it off.  After hours of checking through comments on various  pizza crust recipes the secret seems to be that you need to squeeze out as much of the liquid as possible before baking.  This crust is seriously good!

I could easily eat the crust all by itself as a snack or maybe with a dipping sauce not to mention all of the tasty pizza topping options! No. 1 will be a regular salami cheese pizza and No 2 will be meatball chilli-pitacchio meatball pizza

ok here we go!

For the crust

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°
  2. use a towel to drip all the excess liquid.
  3. add the eggs
  4. and the cheese
  5. mix it in a bowl until well combined.
  6. now take a bakingpan and use a baking sheet and place the pizza dough.
  7. I use always a fork for spreading.
  8. bake the crust for 30-35min
  9. now comes your creative part…

 2nd time baked pizza Salami recipe

  • take your pre baked pizza crust and put some tomato marinara on top / i prepared i already
  • now place you salami on top you can add whatever you want
  • take the cheese and spread it
  • what I love on top are mushrooms on top of the cheese.
  • Now bake it until the cheese is fully melted
  •  I took 3-4 slices of salami and cut it into chunks.
  • top it with cheese and some mushrooms.
  • then just bake it again until the cheese on top has melted! 10 – 15min again.

chilli-pitacchio meatball pizza

what do I mean with fresh one? It means you bake the crust and just top all ingredients you would love to have on a pizza without backing it again. thats why we are going to prepare today 2 different kinds of Low carb pizza.

  1. take your pre baked pizza crust
  2. add meatballs (already fried)
  3. add tomatoes
  4. chillies or peppers
  5. pistacchios
  6. and a some great sauce for refining ( i used mustard, mayo and a bit of vinegar)

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