The key of loosing weight

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 I think it started like one year ago that all those sporty programs are popping out everywhere in the net – but did you recognize that their focus is hardly on Sport? Which is totally ok – But not everyone’s focus is on Sport. You can easily change loose weight by adapting step by step your food and believe me you will see pretty fast changes.
Back to the sport programs – they all offer a section which is called clean eats – I checked it out and I must say programs are good for beginners but not for adapting it to „Life time maintenance“ Think of that – you start your 30 Day challenge maybe without any background why you have to eat this and what’s happening.. you will enjoy these 30 days of food because you change it drastically your food from fast food to healthy beef zoodles – you eat more vegetables and maybe you get to enjoy grass feed beef, you eat more proteins and there might be the ambition to do sports because the workouts of the plans aren’t hard but challenging – so do this 30 days and you will feel definitely better, lighter, awake …. and you lost weight! You can see the difference in your face maybe on your hips and your wrist.


So you paid like 50$ to 300$ for this programm – what’s next?????? You hardly changed your life for 30 days – but could you image to integrate that Program into you life after the program? While your kids and your Husband are enjoying a burger and you eat your carb free zucchini lasagne rolls…  Your mind speaks to you only 20 more days, only 10 more days …. and then whuat? You fall in you old schema? sticking back to you old behavior enjoying everyday mocha latte at cup a Joe? And go to the next bagel store and enjoy a heavenly New York Salmon bagel?


The important Thing is balance.
Let’s make an example you are a full time mom – your work is @home and you got 3 Kids and a Hubby. And you don’t have the time to cook from scratch.
The economy made nowadays a lot things easier – which is good or bad – depends on what are you making of. You got a ton of convinience products and many aren’t helathy – they might taste really fanstastic but remember when you are @mcdonalds and order some menus for the family,
you buy now a few minutues of time because you don’t have to stay in the kitchen preparing, but if you keep on eating unhealthy food you are practically give some year of you valuable life away! I don’t want to scare you – I’m definetly guiding you to a better you!
So it’s not at all a failure to invest in those programs – it shows you take some action! What I want to say those porgramms are good. BUT for you – the busy worker mom or woman who wants to loose weight and wants to lead ahealthier life might have some obstacles – those programms are only for you! So if you are in a realtionship – your Boyfriend migth stick a few times working out with you. But can you expect your kids doing pilates training with you? Do they want to eat a carbless Dim Sum? Let me guess – no?
So here I am – I am going to show you to handle those obstacles. I am going to show you how to adapt your new food lifestyle into your daily family life – and still enjoy time with friends and family. Does this makes sense to you? So please hit the Newsletter Button and subscribe for more!
AND I would be happy to hear about it if you made your experiece!