🔥🔥ZERO CARBS Chicken Nuggets (LowCarb, SugarFree, GlutenFree)🔥🔥


Are you a Fan of Fast Food? This Chicken Nugget Recipe is gluten free, low carb and sugar free! These Chicken Nuggets have 0 CARBS my friends! Its super easy to make and the one and only healthyfied Fast Food Version! If you are a healthy Food Crack this Recipe is just right for you! 

==Ingredients ==

  • – 250gr / Chicken Filets
  • – 50gr / 1.7 OZ Pork Rinds
  • – 3 Eggs
  • – oil for frying
  • – salt/pepper

1 add 50gr 1.7 OZ which is half a pack of rinds in a Blender and blend it (if you don’t have a blender you can go with a plastic bag and a bottle or a hammer and beat it until you got your pork crumbs.)

2 Next take a plate and place the crumbs for coating.

3 Use another plate add 3 eggs and whisk it.

4 And last but not least 250r of chicken filets cute into small nugget sizes.

5 Start with coating first into the eggs and then into the crumbs i go here with a fork its faster for me.

6 add the rest into the eggs and combine it and put that aside.

7 use some oil for frying the chicken filets on high heat.

8 add the egg mixture and try to spread it like a pancake

9 top some grated cheese for a super garnish

10 I add here some jalapeños for spiciness and let it fry on medium head until the cheese has molten! 11 SERVE! YUMMY!

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