Giant Cupcake | Low Carb, Gluten Free & Sugar Free

In this blog post you will learn how to make a big cupcake from scratch. Gluten Free, Low Carb and Sugar Free.

I do really enjoy baking! I love decorating. And every time I just finished baking I can’t wait to decorate. That’S why I trained myself in baking on day before I want to decorate – so when I see a great recipe I need to try, I am going to bake or Thursday or Friday, and enjoy the Saturday for decorating. But sometimes there’s no time so I have to cool everything fast down by putting it into the fridge or the freezer and hurry 😀 But baking is kind of ruminant when you get used to it. I mean not when you’re trying out a new recipe 🙂 then I will be a total mess in my head.

Ok, because I got like over a year this big cupcake form in my kitchen and never used it before I felt bad – cause I keep buying new stuff but never use my old stuff which is kind of none sense… so I mad a commitment to myself to use every tool at least 10 times before thinking of getting another cool form or or or

I must really say this is a really really great crust! The combo almonds and coconut flakes are fantastic. You get a real great crunch.
I used coco butter – I also tried it with butter but it tastes for me kind of greasy. It’s not bad but try it with coco butter and you know what I mean 😀

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