Lime-tastic Low Carb Tartes Key Lime Mini Pies | Quick ’n Yummy

If you’re a lover of lime flavored goodness then this treat will win you over. It’s light and serves a bunch so take this to your next cookout this summer!

I must say, I saw key lime Pie recipes everywhere. Cause it’s getting warmer and maybe you want to show enjoying life in a cake 🙂 So I tried it and I just fell in love! I love to cook but this is an awesome and super fast recipe for summer! So you love it crunchy and healthy? yes I might have the right recipe just for you!

I must really say this is a really really great crust! The combo almonds and coconut flakes are fantastic. You get a real great crunch.

I used coco butter – I also tried it with butter but it tastes for me kind of greasy. It’s not bad but try it with coco butter and you know what I mean 😀

Coconutbutter taste isn’t dominant. It’s a real good glue for your cake 😀

Anyways. Please get to enjoy a low carb, gluten free recipe!

Enjoy my friends

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