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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XoNUdHppb8It’s October! Welcome to my Pumpkin series.If you hadn’t watched the other we made great pumpkin donuts and chocolate cheesecake pumpkin truffles -I love breakfast and I am a big fan of Pancakes.It’s a wonderful and easy gluten free and Sugar Free Pumpkin Pancakes ! These Pancakes are great for a Fall Brunch. You can easily make them and share it with the family and friends. I hope you like this Recipe as I do!  I hope you liked our new quick fall recipe let me know when you you eat breakfast or what is you favorite meal for breakfast let me know in the comment section below! Let’S get friends on Facebook, twitter or snapchat!

Yay! Who wants some great Low Carb and Gluten free and sugar free pumpkin pancakes? There’s nothing better then enjoying these pancakes with the family and friends on a wonderful Autumn Brunch. This Recipe is super quick and easy to make!

===You need===
– 200gr 2Cups shredded Pumpkins
– 2 Eggs
– 2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
– 2 Tbsp vanilla Protein Powder(with less carbs)

garnish with some berries and sugar free syrup.

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