Top 10 Summer Low Carb Recipes

Today I show you my top favorite Low Carb summer recipes. I’ll put alle the links of the recipes in the description box below. Make sure to wait until the end I got a surprise for you!
Ok – here we go! No 1 yeeees!

To all my meat lover friends out there ! You will love this! Mini Bun-less Cheeseburger Bites! What a wonderful idea! They are great for work or school! Pack them into your lunch box and enjoy×500.jpg no2


I must really say this is a really really great crust! The combo almonds and coconut flakes are fantastic. You get a real great crunch.

I used coco butter – I also tried it with butter but it tastes for me kind of greasy. It’s not bad but try it with coco butter and you know what I mean 😀

Coconutbutter taste isn’t dominant. It’s a real good glue for your cake 😀

Anyways. Please get to enjoy a low carb, gluten free recipe!

Enjoy my friends

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