Low Carb Cookie Cake


It’s delicious, it’s low carb, it’s gluten free and it could be almost Paleo! Every time when me visit my Hubby’s Mom … she always prepare a cake or some „no low carb stuff“ I know she wanted to be a good host – but I got really serious about Low carb and I tried to explain it to her…

so anyways that didn’t work that well not because she’s a bad person, cause some people don’t have a high healthy commitment as you. Anyways, we invited the parents and I made cake 😉 both parents were amazed and I said… uhh it’s LOW CARB 🙂 so i got a official announcement to bring low carb cake with me 😀 bahahahh Health wins! Check!

Ok I always experiment. And this time I could decide between making cookies or a cake…So I made a cookie cake – it’s not a new invention – not at all I saw a ton of those recipes… but no lowcarb.

So in my world this is the first cookie cake recipe, gluten free and so delicious . 🙂 I love to exaggerate and fool around so pls …. don’t take it to serious 🙂 ok for the printable recipe pls click here

take care! And don’t forget share is care 🙂


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