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What a wonderful Idea. My hometown is not far away from the good old Alsace. I remember those times when we went with the school there to get to know the history with it’s french flair. Strasbourg is on the border to Germany so they are used to speak german 🙂 and of course english 🙂

Anyways when you get the chance to visit Strasbourg go there. I loved the Tarte Flambé it’s the french thinly crust Pizza. Instead of the Italian pizza the crust isn’t perfectly evenly flat and instead of tomato sauce they use creme fraîche which is a great cause it’s lower in carbs then greek yoghurt.

But you can also use creme cheese which is totally ok! I was so happy and felt like Superman. Why? I see on Pinterest these amazing Pizza recipes, but I wanted something different today …. so there were those seconds turn an old but gold recipe from the french into a low carb and gluten free recipe! Ahhhhh yaaay! It really tastes great! I my opinion you don’t really taste that it’s cauliflower – unless you search for it 🙂

The crust is pretty easy to make! you just got 1 Cauliflower mix it with grated cheese and one egg. That’s it! The grated cheese just makes it crunchy, you can leave it out if you want to but i want that crunchy crust and I love cheese. The egg is for „holding it together“ so I also tried that without but
it just fell and I prefer slices 🙂  Maybe i’ll make soonish a sweet version but then maybe out of
coconut 🙂 ok back to the tarte. the combo between creme fraîche and bacon is just amazing! Creamy bacon and the sweet taste of onions! gosh just try it! I really recommend it to you guys! It is super fast to make! I took me under 30 mins.

If you want the FREE Printable Recipe i’ll put it unto the shop of course for Free!

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