Why go LowCarb Q&A

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In short. In the first 4 weeks you are downgrading your amount of carbs drastically. Especially in the first 10 days your body is falling into a state called ketose this means it’s burning fat instead of carbs because you body needs energy which it get’s in general from the carbs. You start with 20gr of carbs per day and increase the amount it phase by phase.
20r sound pretty less – but it’s not! you can easily enjoy with 20 grams up to 6 Meals per day!
Like for Breakfast a great omelette with bacon and cheese – doesn’t sound that hard or? For lunch you can enjoy a Cesar Salad without Croutons or a wonderful Pho soup without the rice noodles. There are many variations. 
Is it worth?
Of course!Innovation is my second name 😀
I had a lot of learnings with low carb, trying out new „pretender low carb products“ if they are good or bad, I learned to regulate erythiol/ xyiltol which has the same amount as sugar -.- when I found that out I got really mad so I stick to stevia or sugar substitute… I see it as a learning – which I could perfectly report you :D. I found the balance between High fat and healthy, and much more! I definitely will post more about each learnings.
But to start with LowCarb you definitely have to prepare it – like proscribe all gluten products like noodles, flour, chocolates – don’t throw it away! Make some present bundles for friends or celebrate a party, celebrate that you decide to change your life! This has the effect you make it official and really have to reach your Target! Your wish turning into real! How great is that??! Celebrate yourself 😀 I can perfectly remember when I started. I almost cried after my beloved gummibears – how retarded is that???? No one forced me! I made that decision and the commitments. But I can be really infantile! So it took me a while getting that strong mind 🙂 but I am happy that I had those time of seduction – and yes I’ve cheated… but it’s ok Fail but Fail fast and learn from it! I would be the baddest thing to lie to you and say NO NO I was always strong and did not miss Ben & Jerrys Ice or Mars or Gummibears – oh yes I loved sweets! all of them… but that’s ok I’ve made my learning creating and building recipes! And now I got a big Food Video Library on YouTube!! – Give it some time the Voice of Desire get’s from Time to Time more quiet. Unless you see the first results! You will love it! 
xoxo Christine